Ride Leaders

Ride leader guidance


  • The ride leader will guide the group safely around the chosen route and act as a point of contact for participants.
  • As ride leader you are the clubs’ designated representative to manage the ride. The ride leaders’ decisions must be respected by the group.
  • Download the What3Words app onto your phone – it makes passing on your location a lot easier.

Before the ride

  • Details of the ride will be published on Strava mid week.
  • On the morning of the ride check how many people are signed up for the ride, although some people can just turn up.
  • If the group exceeds 8 riders, divide into separate groups and appoint a second ride lead. Leave a 5-minute time interval between departures at the start, subsequent stops and if the groups catch each other. 
  • Check the weather forecast and conditions and make any appropriate safety changes.
  • If you need to cancel the ride, then post on KLCC Ride Info on WhatsApp and cancel on Strava.
  • Check in with new riders to determine their experience and fitness levels – is this the right ride for them? Consider nominating a buddy to ride with new riders to inform and advise them of safe riding in groups.
  • Use another experienced rider to ride at the back of the group / sweep to ensure that an inclusive pace is maintained.

Ride briefing

  • Introduce yourself, describe the route and highlight that safety of the group is responsibility of all.
  • Check that riders know which route they are joining.
  • Introduce any new joiners and guests.
  • Check all have emergency contact details on them.
  • Start promptly at advertised time of ride.
  • Helmets are compulsory for all riders.

Out on the road

  • Maintain an inclusive pace and announce first catch-up point and subsequent regroups if necessary.
  • Be aware of changing risks and adjust the ride as appropriate.
  • Manage the group around other road users eg slow down for horses, stop for cars on narrow roads, warn pedestrians etc..
  • Ensure arrangements for a safe return are made for anybody that cannot complete the ride. Request that they notify you of their return.
  • In case of accident: call emergency services and get details of third parties involved. Record location, time and weather conditions. Photograph any potholes or other relevant details for future use.
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