Group Rides

Our club is all about the enjoyment of cycling in a stunning part of the world. We offer club rides at a number of levels and all group rides have a lead who plan the route and set the pace. We always try to have a cafe stop.



Faster and longer rides – typically a hilly 80-100 km route at average pace of 26+kph


In the middle, these rides are typically 50-80 km at an average pace of 24- 26kph. These get more challenging through the month.


A social ride that’s about getting out with other people. 30-50km at 22-24kph, but no one will be dropped.


We have a very active ladies group who ride twice a month.

Unsure on which group

And there’s more

  • Each month we have a Strava challenge where we choose a Strava segment and see who can set the best time. The link is on the ride calendar page.
  • We also use Zwift meetups when the weather isn’t great and during the winter months.

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